Canal City Real Estate – Then Vs Now

In the past, if you ever wanted to look for the Best property investment in Pakistan, then you always had to either move around or visit different real estate agents. Well, in other words, it was the longest process, even when you need to just find an investment property. Sometimes you have to purchase the property directly by the seller or by the real estate agent, and over there, you have to spend your whole day whole negotiating for the right price of the property. Obviously, during that time, property investment in Pakistan was a completely manual process, so you even had to wait for several days to complete your research.

Time Consumption for Property Research

An experienced real estate investor understands that without proper research, it would be a risk for investment in property. Whereas things have been changed right now, and finding profitable land for a huge project like Canal City is really easy. Everything that you want is available on the internet, from pictures to all the details of the land are available online. Furthermore, it is not necessary that you have to visit that land to get the complete idea for that when all the pictures are simply available online as well. Furthermore, if you want to get the idea about the exact price for the land according to the region and area, then there are forums as well where you can discuss with other investors as well.

Starting Project like Canal City

So, in other words, things have been modernized right now due to the advent of the latest technology. If you think that things have gotten easier like a golden plate, then you are completely wrong because when it comes to a huge project like Canal City, then deep and thorough research is necessary. Such projects cannot be started overnight, and specifically not on any spot in the city. With a trend of having everything online, there is also a chance for less accurate information available over there. So, now the real trick for investment in property is that how you can find the authentic source for your property investment. With so many sources, it is definitely hard to decide which one is the authentic one and which one is not dealing with a fraud property.

Authentic Sources

So basically, each city has an MLS or Multiple Listing Service, which is the authentic source for property investment in Pakistan. Over this platform, you will find only the licensed Real Estate agents or brokers, while others are not allowed to display their services unless they verify to be authentic and licensed brokers. So, basically, with this platform now, you will get the properties that have been authorized by the government itself. In short, all you need to know that as far as the real estate market has been concerned, then there has been a huge change in it. That was only made possible due to the advent of the latest technology because, without it, time consumption and risk rate were always higher.


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